COVID-19 Notice

Due to COVID-19, the Charles Town Farmers Market is operating as a drive-through, pre-order and pre-pay market.  Customers should contact each individual vendor for product availability and pricing.

Support Your Local Farmers & Sustainable Agriculture

When you support local farmers’ markets you support the notion that small farms and small businesses are more than just a novelty. They are, in fact, a vital part of a local/regional culture and economy. 

The Charles Town Farmers Market, along with its sister store – Bushel and Peck, seek to provide area farmers, artisans, musicians, and other non-profits with alternative marketing opportunities through a retail marketplace, as well as to encourage agricultural and cultural entrepreneurship in the region. 

Our number one priority is the success of the vendors we work with. As a part of this goal, we keep our vendor fees low. Another one of our priorities is to allow our vendor to concentrate on their individual pursuits by taking on the risks associated with these endeavors. Including, but not limited to, promotion, education, community outreach, and advocation. 

We believe it is tough enough to be a small operation without taking on the extra burden of running a market or store. By establishing a nonprofit we make it possible to seek grants, donation and other funding sources that otherwise would not be available to these kinds of pursuits. 

Over the course of eight years of operation, CTFM has provided the opportunity for over one million dollars in vendor sales. That’s the money going directly into the pockets of small and medium-sized farms and businesses in our region resulting in a significant economic impact and opportunities for these amazing businesses to grow. 

Please consider donating. Even small donations make a difference.  

Farmers markets are the incubators of creative entrepreneurship. They are the embodiment of the independent spirit. They are proof that local foods, arts and a connected community  are vital components of local culture that should be experienced, not just consumed.

Thank you to all of our supporters!

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