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We ask that if you are unvaccinated, that you wear a mask while shopping at our market.  Thank you for your understanding.  

(Updated July 2021)

Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers

Susan and I moved to the Charles Town area in the Spring of 2013, found and fell in love with the Farmers Market, and became regular customers. The following year, when Fiona put out a request for volunteers, we were happy to become part of the Market. Currently, the Market enjoys the services of several volunteers contributing to the vitality of the endeavor. Not all of them can come in every week, as some have weekend jobs or family obligations, but they come when they can, and most weeks we can field a group of 5 or 6 regulars, including Todd Coyle and Fiona Harrison, the Market organizers. Saturday mornings on Samuel Street are pretty busy, starting at about 5:00 a.m.  After setting up all of the traffic controls, and the Information and Music tents, we fan out among the incoming vendors to assist them with unloading and setting up their wares, as needed. During the Market, we work in the Information tent, do census counts, and interact with our patrons. At noon, we tear it all down and pack it away until next Saturday, while helping some of the vendors pack up as well.  I frequently hear that our volunteers are such a unique feature of our Market, and I wonder that other Markets do not enjoy the same level of community support. I can’t imagine the Market without volunteers, and the community effort extends beyond the volunteers helping the vendors with set-up and tear down, in the way the vendors are always helping each other as needed. Overall, I’d say the success of the Charles Town Farmers Market is the result of a very positive and generous communal effort, and something Charles Town can be very proud of.

Our current roster of volunteers includes Todd Coyle, Fiona Harrison, Chuck Dunkerly, Bill Strider, Darla Palombia, Joslyn Noland, Darrell Jones, Darius Jones, Katie Nolan Thompson, Jen Fountain and Sue and Jim Donoghue-Rick….and others who come when they can. A very nice crew.

To Volunteer:

Anyone wishing to join this effort may contact us at charlestownfarmersmarket@gmail.com, or call the Market phone at 304-579-0924, and leave a message. Rest assured, we will respond.

Jim Donoghue-Rick

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful volunteers! Without you, this would not be possible.

Todd Coyle

Chuck Dunkerly

Darla Palombia

Darrell Jones

Polly Slover

Sue Donoghue-Rick

Virginie Bauer

Fiona Harrison

Bill Strider

Joslyn Noland

Darius Jones

Jen Fountain

Jim Donoghue-Rick

Paul Bauer

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